On Friday, I headed to London for the day to meet with Dr. Aseem Malhotra. He is an Honorary Consultant Cardiologist and serves on the AoMRC Choosing Wisely steering group.

I wanted to talk to Aseem about why explain how and why a US initiative is going to stop doctors from using interventions with no benefit in the UK

“Even before the beginning of the NHS, the British are always late at adoption and cautious use of new medicines, procedures, and technologies. However, the UK and the US are similar in terms of patterns of variation in medical and surgical interventions, though it is less extreme in absolute terms in the UK. We are introducing Choosing Wisely to the UK because we now know how easy it is to misunderstand health statistics, and doctors can find themselves needing to manage unrealistic expectations of patients who may find it difficult to obtain reliable information.”

I will be editing the entire interview and incorporate it into my 1500 word features. This will be available to read towards the end of January on Choosing Wisely UK.


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